Canvas is an affordable way to redecorate. Transform your photos into a work of art with canvas. We can create canvas art at any size. Our staff can recommend a size or style. We can also enlarge or crop your photos before creating your canvas.


This modern and stylish mounting system is different to stretched canvas in that it sandwiches a printed image (on either canvas or paper) between two sheets of acrylic.

Acrylic features a standoff system that gives a 2.5cm (1 inch) separation from the wall with European styled stainless steel or Anodised Aluminium finishes.

Acrylic Block

A lightweight gift for travelling or shipping, acylic blocks are perfect for mantels or desktops. The high quality acrylic finish allows light and colours to interact with the image. It is a 20mm thick highly polished acrylic makes for a unique stunning decoration. Optional wall mounting strap available.

Block Mount

A stylish alternative to framing. Your image will sit flush to the wall mount, a 10mm craftwood block, for a contemporary look.

Photo Lamps

A fun way to display your photos and customize your living space. We offer different sizes and shapes.